Femur Bone Ear Stud


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Nothing quite says gothic style like wearing a bone in your ear. But what if you do not wish to go through the hassle of stretching your lobe? Well, you do not have to, as this Femur Bone Ear Stud gives that look, without any added effort needed. Designed to fully resemble a femur bone, only in miniature, this impressive little ear stud allows you to pass the bone through your ear with ease, so long as you have a traditionally pierced ear to start. The accessory consists of two pieces, which divide the bone up, with a surgical steel post set between the two. Connected at the ear, the two form a single piece that gives your ear a subtly stretched look. The earring is also made entirely from fine English pewter, too, which offers a silver-metal finish, to match. Another added fun feature of this earring is that you can mix and match it with other earrings, to create asymmetrical sets, further adding fun appeal to your look and style, too. This earring is offered as a single stud, which can easily be worn in either ear. The Femur Bone Ear Stud is a definite dose of gothic style that pairs well with a variety of looks, ranging from classic gothic styles that are sure to get some attention, to more casual looks that are perfect for traditional, everyday wear.

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Key Features:

  • Made From Fine English Pewter
  • Depicts A Miniaturized Femur Bone
  • Broken Into Two Pieces, for Easy Wearing
  • Gives the Look of Subtle Lobe Stretching
  • Offered as a Single Stud-Earring
  • Features a Surgical Steel Post
  • Fits Either Ear with Ease
  • A Gothic Accessory that is Great for Everyday Wear


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