Fancy Pirate’s Belt


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Some pirate belts are plain and simple, being designed to hold up pants and allow for the attachment and holding of guns, swords, and bags of plunder. Others, like this Fancy Pirates Belt, are designed to accent a pirates style more than anything. This belt is made almost entirely from fabric and cloth. The band of the belt is black, with sparkling red trim, as well as a skull and crossbones pattern that runs across the length of the belt. Attached at the front of the belt is a fabric buckle, which displays a large, gold and black colored skull and crossbones patch. The belt measures approximately 76 inches long and ties in the back to provide a secure and firm fit. The Fancy Pirates Belt is not your average pirate belt that features frogs and holsters for holding weapons, but is instead a striking accessory that is made to accent and improve your own decidedly pirate-like style!

Key Features:

  • A Classic Pirates Belt
  • Buckle Adorned with Iconic Skull and Crossbones Design
  • Completely Adjustable in Size
  • A Great Accessory to Wear with Virtually Any Pirate or Corsair Costume
  • Looks Fantastic at Pirate Gatherings, Costume Parties, Themed Events, Halloween, and More


  • Belt Made from 100 percent Polyester Fabric
  • Buckle Made from Hardened Polyester Material


  • Length: 76 Inches


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