Fallout Super Mutant POP Figure

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Transformed after coming into contact with the Forced Evolutionary Virus, Super mutants gain a number of benefits in addition to their newly altered appearance. The Fallout Super Mutant POP Figure shows one of these beings. Taller and bulkier than unmutated humans, super mutants experience immense strength, rapid regeneration, and immunity to disease and radiation. The Super Mutant figurine shows off the mottled green skin of these characters, holding a weapon in his hands. This Super Mutant vinyl figure makes a fantastic Fallout collectible for new and longtime fans of the popular post-apocalyptic series. Bring home the whole set of Fallout POP figures to complete your collection!

Key Features

  • Licensed Fallout merchandise
  • Made from vinyl
  • Depicts a green Super Mutant
  • Great gift or collectible for fans


  • Height: 3.75 Inches


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