Fairy With Baby Water Dragon Statue

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The butterfly fairy perches in quiet contemplation next to an enchanted lake. Suddenly a tiny sea serpent emerges from the deep blue waters. The Fairy With Baby Water Dragon Statue depicts this charming scene with amazing detail. Curious blue eyes peer up at the fairy. Its long snout turns up in a friendly grin. Tiny claws grip the earthen shore. The fairy maintains a comfortable pose with knees hugged to her chest and a chin resting on her hand. She turns slightly to view the little creature that beckons for her attention. Take a closer look at this enchanting scene while placing the Fairy With Baby Water Dragon Statue on a shelf in your home or office.

Key Features:

  • Hand-painted with exquisite detail
  • Depicts a fairy with baby water dragon
  • A fantasy-inspired accent for your home or office


  • Made from Polystone


  • Height: 7.125 Inches


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