Fairy Moon Key Ring


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Often appearing during the twilight and nighttime hours, fairies feel the magical pull of the moon. The Fairy Moon Key Ring displays a lovely young fairy who uses a thin crescent moon as a seat while she rests from her play. Thin butterfly wings extend from her back. This elegant fairy girl kicks one leg over the edge while the other is tucked up close. Her long hair cascades over her form, obscuring her outfit. Crafted from fine pewter, this fairy keychain gleams with a polished finish. The lunar fairy key ring hangs from short chain and clasp, making it simple to attach to a backpack or set of keys. This fairy collectible makes an ideal gift.

Key Features:

  • Hand-cast in polished pewter
  • Features a fairy on crescent moon design
  • Hangs from a keychain
  • Fun decoration for backpacks, wallets, and more
  • Makes a great gift or personal accessory


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