EZ FX Accessories Kit


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This EZ FX Accessories Kit is a comprehensive kit that contains many pieces needed to apply and enhance other FX kits. Unlike our other kits, this accessories kit contains the basic necessities, including makeup and applicators. This kit contains four distinctive items, all with their own particular uses. The included white makeup sponge is designed for applying cream-based makeup, while the black stipple sponge is an open-celled nylon sponge that is designed for applying stippled or splattered effects. Also included is a container of blood gel, which is thick enough that it stays in place and can be used for accenting wounds or creating scrapes, burns, and more. Lastly, the kit includes an injury stack of cream makeup, which includes useful colors like corpse yellow, bruised red, undead purple, and black. With this EZ FX Accessories Kit, you will have all you need to create minor injuries like scrapes and bruises, while also having all the tools necessary to enhance a variety of other FX kits that depict any number of more visceral and gruesome injuries.

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Key Features:

  • Includes Two Sponges, Blood Gel, and A Makeup Stack
  • Makeup Stack Features Corpse Yellow, Undead Purple, Bruised Red, and Black Cream Makeups
  • White Makeup Sponge is designed for applying cream makeups
  • Black Stipple Sponge is for stippling makeup with quick up and down motions onto the skin
  • Blood Gel is thick and designed to stay in place
  • Great for Creating Minor Injuries or Accenting Major Ones
  • Perfect Complement to Any Other EZ FX Kit


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