Extravagant Crystal Tiara

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Fit for the grandest and noblest of princesses from history and fairytale alike, this Extravagant Crystal Crown is the epitome of luxurious decoration. With its impressive size and incredible style, not much can complete with this tiara. This tiara consists of a headband that fits around the forehead to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Adorning the headband is a massive and complex series of designs that come together to create something truly impressive. Filigree lines curl and twist throughout the tiaras tall form, creating a vivid web of lines, many of which are studded with tiny rhinestone decorations. Many different shapes can be seen within the tiaras body, including floral buds and thin vines. The center of the tiaras design features stylized lily designs, also known as fleur de lis, as well as a vertical row of large rhinestone clusters, which help to accent the front of the tiara. Utterly impressive in its appearance, the Extravagant Crystal Tiara lives up to its name, featuring an extravagant and glimmering appearance that will definitely make any woman look that much more regal and glamorous. It goes without saying that this shining accessory looks fantastic on medieval and Renaissance maidens, but it also works wonders for some contemporary styles as well, including formal dresses for balls, dances, and even weddings!

Key Features:

  • A Gorgeously Styled Tiara
  • Studded with Attractive Rhinestone Decorations
  • Impressive and Elaborate Appearance
  • Incredibly Versatile Accessory
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs, Weddings, Dances, and Formal Occasions


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