Extra Thick Vampire Blood Gel


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If you want to look like a realistic vampire, make sure you add all the right details. Blood is a great addition to any vampire look. If you want that blood to stick and ooze properly, make sure you use Extra Thick Vampire Blood Gel. Plus, nothing makes a vampire look all the more creepy and sinister than fresh blood dripping down its chin, giving it the look of having only recently fed. Each package contains a plastic tube that holds 1 fluid ounce of extra thick blood gel looks just like blood and features a thicker consistency that makes it perfect for creating a wet, yet congealed mass of blood. This imitation blood gel is washable and comes off with warm water and soap, and it is perfectly safe for use on bare skin. If you feel like your vampire costume is lacking in oomph and it needs that final push to make it truly impressive, try adding some Extra Thick Vampire Blood Gel around your chin and hands to create the look of a terrifying, bloodstained predator that is sure to inspire both fear and awe.

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Key Features:

  • A Must-Have for Thirsty Vampires
  • Contains 1 Fluid Ounce of Blood
  • Water Washable with Soap and Warm Water
  • Non-Toxic and Perfectly Safe for Use
  • Looks Like Real Blood with a Thicker Consistency
  • A Great Way to Complete Any Vampire Look


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