Extra Stick Magazine for Military Style Thompson SMG


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This Extra Stick Magazine for the Military Style Thompson SMG is a replica of the typical magazine that would have been loaded and used with a live Thompson submachine gun, although it is safe and non-functional. As a replica, though, this extra magazine is designed only for use with its parent replica, the M1928 Military Thompson Submachine Gun (AC-22-1093). The clip is crafted from quality metal, which gives it an all-around solid and sturdy look that is quite realistic. However, being a replica, this extra magazine is purely for decoration or display and cannot be converted into a working magazine of any type, nor can it be loaded and used like a working magazine. When paired with its parent firearm, it offers a good, solid fit, just like a magazine should. Together with the M1928 Thompson Submachine Gun, this extra magazine makes for a great showpiece or display item, as well as a great prop to have on-hand when you are playing the gangster and you need to switch clips to reload your trusty Chicago Typewriter.

Key Features:

  • An Impressive and Realistic Looking Replica
  • Patterned After the Thompson Military SMG Stick Clip
  • Fits the M1828 Military Thompson SMG Replica (AC-22-1093)
  • Cannot Be Converted into a Working Clip


  • Made from a Zinc Alloy


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