Extra Magazine for Blank Firing M92 Pistols

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If you are looking to fire your M92 Blank Firing Pistol, then you might want to invest in a few extra magazines. These extra clips are designed to fit blank-firing M92 pistols, not included. Like the magazines held in the original pistols, these clips hold 15 8mm blank cartridges and slide easily into place, allowing the gunman to switch clips and keep on pulling the trigger, so long as he or she has extra magazines that are fully loaded to rock and roll. The magazine only comes in black. An extra magazine for blank firing M92 Pistols is a great way to prolong the fun, ensuring that you can squeeze off as many blank rounds as you like, while only having to switch out magazines, instead of having to pause and reload the one magazine you have.

Key Features:

  • Fits Blank-Firing M92 Pistols, not included
  • Fits 15 8mm Blank Cartridges
  • Slides Easily Into Place


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