Erik Viking Bearded Axe


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Grasp the power of the ancients with the Erik Viking Bearded Axe. Crafted for modern warriors, this axe is not merely a tool; it’s a gateway to the thrill of battle and the glory of Asgard.

Forged in Tradition, Ready for Battle

Imagine standing side-by-side with your clan, shoulder to shoulder in the misty forest. There the enemy stands, inching toward your lines, so you bellow your battle cry and advance the shield wall with this trusty companion by your side.

The Erik Viking Bearded Axe boasts a hand forged carbon steel head, long teak wood haft, and easy combat readiness. Firstly, the hand forged carbon steel head is the embodiment of traditional and practical craftsmanship, making it a versatile chopping and hooking tool in battle.

Secondly, charge across the plains of the Vanir wielding the finest teak wood for a comfortable and stylish grip. Thirdly, the head of this steel axe incorporates a flattened edge to its design, feigning the idea of sharpness while ensuring the thrill of battle without peril in your next SCA event.

Fourthly, measuring just over two feet long, this Viking battle axe accommodates both a one-handed grip for precise strikes and a two-handed grip for swinging with unmatched power. Moreover, the handle is not only visually pleasing but also provides a comfortable and secure grip for any combat situation.

Call of the Shield Wall

Step into the era of fierce warriors and epic sagas with this bearded steel axe and carve your legend into the mists of time. Whether you’re a medieval enthusiast, part of a reenactment or SCA fighting group, or just an avid collector, this bearded Viking axe is a stylish addition to any Viking-themed lineup.

Moreover, this steel battle axe gives off a rugged and weathered appearance that captures a genuine Viking charm. Crafted with a passion for history, this Viking warrior axe will connect you to the epic battles between Asgard and Vanaheim. This bearded Viking axe is more than just a weapon, it’s a masterpiece that embodies the ferocity and enduring legacy of the North.

Hallmark of Heroes

Adorn your hall with the whispers of Valhalla and immerse yourself in the warrior traditions of old. In addition, every detail of this Viking hatchet exudes the epic stories of Asgard and Valhalla, offering an invitation to explore the depths of Norse history.

Claim your place in Valhalla by charging into battle or hanging this steel bearded axe on display, reminding you of the fearless spirit of Norse warriors. This medieval Viking axe is a great addition to your collection, whether you’re hanging it on a wall, resting it against a stand, or keeping it safe with your armor.

In conclusion, seize the opportunity to claim not just a piece of history, but a symbol of strength and courage for the true warrior.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Build for Unmatched Power: Feel the heft and balance designed to deliver decisive blows from an axe head of carbon steel.
  • Strengthened Grip: Providing a comfortable and strong grip, this axe is crafted from teak wood, whether you wield it with one hand or two.
  • Authentic Viking Aesthetic: From the moment you lay eyes on it, this steel axe evokes the spirit of the Norse warrior culture.
  • Made For Battle: With safety in mind, the edge is intentionally dulled, making it ideal for heavy medieval combat and SCA.


  • Axe head made from hand forged carbon steel
  • Handle made from teak wood


  • Length: 30 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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