Enslaved Zombie Mask

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Just because the world is ending does not mean that you have to let the zombies overrun you. With their untapped strength you could be unstoppable! Utilize that strength and instill fear into your foes with the Enslaved Zombie Mask! Made from high-quality latex, this Halloween mask features a zombie restrained in a bridle, much like that of a horse, to prevent unnecessary biting. Amongst the rotting flesh of his face sit dead eyes, where two eye holes are hidden, bringing function to the style of this zombie mask. Around his neck sits a collar, clearly marked by his master. A big, black plastic chain sits at the front of this collar, acting as a leash to keep him in line. This collar acts as the edge of the mask, allowing the wearer to completely engulf themselves into the character due to the masks full head construction. Be it a theatre production or common zombie necessity, you cannot go wrong with the Enslaved Zombie Mask!

Key Features:

  • Classic zombie motif
  • Incredible attention to detail
  • Craftily hidden eye holes
  • Sports collar with attached chain
  • Full head construction
  • Excellent for every zombie event


  • Mask is crafted from high-quality latex
  • Hair is made with synthetic hair fibers
  • Chain is made of plastic


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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