Emerald Time Dragon


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A verdant dragon crouches on a stone platform dripping with green stalactites. A colorful watch on a golden chain dangles from its claws as it greets a winged kitten. The Emerald Time Dragon is a delightful addition to any collection. Crafted from polystone, this dragon statue is hand painted in vibrant colors to show off every detail. The dragon is covered in scales of various shades of green and turquoise, with an orange tipped tail that matches its curved horns and slitted eyes. The tiny feline perches beside the dragon, its fur ranging from pink to yellow, with feathered wings in coordinating shades. Framed by a rocky grotto, the pair sit in front of a starlit sky. Based on an illustration by fantasy artist Rose Khan, this dragon statue imbues a sense of whimsy and magic in any room. The Emerald Time Dragon also makes a lovely gift for any fantasy enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a green dragon with a winged cat
  • Based on painting of the same name by Rose Khan
  • Exhibits intricate detailing
  • Hand painted in lifelike colors
  • Fantastic gift or home decor piece


  • Crafted from polystone


  • Height: 8.66 Inches


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