Embossed Gryphon Leather Journal with Lock


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A powerful image of heraldry is what occupies the cover of this tome. This Embossed Gryphon Leather Journal with Lock is the perfect companion for a writer or an artist, as its blank pages are receptive to sketches, thoughts, and more. The journal is handsomely made, possessing a vibrant red-brown leather cover and backing, the front of which is embossed to display the features of a mythic and legendary beast. The gryphon has the features of both a lion and an eagle, which makes it something of a king of earth and sky. Contained within the journal are 120 pages of premium quality, hand-made linen parchment paper, while the journal itself comes complete with a metal swivel lock that is perfect for sealing the journal closed. This Embossed Gryphon Leather Journal with Lock makes for a truly impressive accessory, as well as a great gift to give. Its stunning look ensures that it will be well-received either way, and it will be even more of a treasure once its pages are filled with personal works.

Key Features:

  • Features an Attractive Leather Embossed Cover
  • Adorned with Traditional Heraldic Gryphon
  • Hand Crafted Construction
  • Includes 120 Pages of Quality Linen Parchment Paper
  • Possesses a Swivel Lock for Keeping the Book Closed


  • Length: 7 Inches
  • Width: 5 Inches


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