Elven Ear Tips EZ FX Kit

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Adding delicate points to your ears is the perfect way to transform yourself into one of the elegant folk of the forest. With this Elven Ear Tips EZ FX Kit, it has never been easier to give yourself pointed ears or remove them. This ever-popular kit includes a set of elven ear tip prosthetics, which are made from high quality latex and are designed to fit over the upper ridge of your ear, adding a delicate point to your ears. Also included with the kit is an ampule of spirit gum, which ensures a solid hold that will keep the ear tips in place for hours. A container of adhesive remover is included, which can be gently worked under the ear tips with a cotton swab to allow for easy and painless removal of the ears. Of course, this Elven Ear Tips EX FX Kit is perfect for use whenever you are planning out an elven costume, as all elves are virtually expected to have pointed ears. It also happens to work wonders with a variety of other costumes, too, serving to accent fantasy figures like fairies and even mermaids quite nicely, while adding that distinctive touch to mythical looks like gods, goddesses, satyrs, and centaurs.

Key Features:

  • Includes a Pair of Prosthetics, Spirit Gum Adhesive, and Adhesive Remover
  • Made of High Quality Latex
  • Fits Atop the Ridges of the Ear
  • Spirit Gum Holds Prosthetic in Place
  • Adhesive Remover Allows for Easy and Painless Removal
  • Looks Great with Elf Costumes, Mythical Costumes, and Fantasy Costumes
  • Perfect for Halloween, Costumed Events, Stage, Theater, and Much More


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