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A weapon of the ancients, the Bronze Eldar LARP Sword calls to mind the skilled and elegant craftsmanship of the elves. Feel the might of its fantasy design and superior construction when you wield this LARP bastard sword on the battlefield.

Ateliers Nemesis Artisans LARP Construction:

Part of the Artisans line from Ateliers Nemesis, the long, narrow blade features a heightened central ridge, giving it a hexagonal cross-section. Along this ridge is a narrow fuller, adding detail to the closed cell foam blade. This durable, shred resistant blade is soft and safe for battle.

It surrounds a sturdy yet flexible core that makes it the perfect choice for warriors needing a powerful, impressive blade that they can trust. The soft and durable sword tip is reinforced for safety and can even be used for thrusting. The blade then narrows slightly right before the high fantasy hilt.

Weapon Details:

This LARP swords hilt looks like it could be straight out of your favorite fantasy game or movie. Given an antiqued bronze coloration, the arms of the crossguard angle outwards and then towards the blade in claw-like points, with cut-outs adding extra detail and dimension.

Then, an ornate silver tone spacer leads to a narrow, oval cross-section handle that looks just like it has been spiral wrapped in deep red leather. Another ornate silver tone spacer follows before the large, fleur-shaped pommel, also in antiqued bronze.

The hand-and-a-half grip gives variability to how this elven LARP sword can be wielded. A unique counterweight system gives a point of balance to this long fantasy LARP sword, so it feels satisfying and natural in the hand when you swing it in battle. Finally, a waterproof, latex-free coating adds to the durability and longevity of this medieval fantasy LARP weapon.

Truly a weapon suited to elvish warriors, high fantasy kings, paladins, and even battle mages, the Eldar LARP Sword in Bronze is ready to take on orcs, goblins, and other enemies of the light.

Made by Nemesis Workshops INC.

Key Features:

  • Heightened durability and detail
  • Weighted handle provides a realistic point of balance
  • Soft, reinforced tip for safety
  • Impressive fantasy-style hilt
  • Long hilt offers versatile handling


  • Blade is made of a closed cell cross-linked EVA copolymer memory foam
  • Has an interior fiberglass rod at its core with a complex weave polyester fiber reinforcement

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild soapy water, then allow to dry. Use a silicone-based coating to prevent premature wear. Do not store underneath heavy objects. Avoid excessive heat, cold, or prolonged exposure to the sun.

Overall Length Blade Length Handle Length Blade Width Guard Width Blade Thickness Point of Balance Weight
One Size 44 inches 31.5 inches 4.7 inches 2.4 inches 7.1 inches 1.1 inches 2.4 inches from Hilt 1.4 pounds


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