Eirikr LARP Viking Sword – Steel – 83 cm


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Fight for the glory of Valhalla with the 83 cm Steel Eirikr LARP Viking Sword. It takes its design from a real-life Viking sword. This Stronghold LARP weapon has a lightweight, latex free construction safe for tough combat.

Based on the Osted Sword found in 1887, the silver double-edged blade features a grooved pattern to mimic the pattern welding of the original. The Stronghold H adorns the tip of the blade.

Next, the sword continues with a flat oval crossguard. The short crossguard features herringbone detailing. The hilt has a wood-like grip. It ends with a mushroom-shaped pommel. It features more of the herringbone detailing. Both the guard and pommel are a dark silver. Add this realistic LARP sword to your Viking costume or barbarian ensemble for a LARP event. It also works great at cosplay conventions or for theatrical productions.

The Eirikr LARP Viking Sword is approximately 32.7 Inches in overall length. This measurement will vary as each LARP sword is a handmade item.

Stronghold weapons are designed for tough LARP combat and have a unique Epic Foam construction that does not contain latex and requires little to no upkeep. They weigh the same as latex weapons, have cushioned edges, and are stab-proof, making them safe for LARP battle. The hilts are made of polyurethane foam for high detail and practically maintenance-free durability.

Key Features:

  • Based on real-life Viking sword
  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Features silver herringbone detailing
  • Pattern-weld design on blade
  • Great for Vikings and barbarians


  • Blade is shred resistant Epic Foam
  • Core is a fiberglass rod
  • Hilt is a polyurethane cast

Care Instructions:

Measurements are approximate.
Overall Length Blade Length Handle Length Blade Width Guard Width Handle Circumference
One Size 32.7 inches 26.8 inches 3.5 inches 2.4 inches 3.9 inches 3.7 inches


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