Edward Teach Blackbeard Pirate Cutlass


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Named after the famous 16th century pirate, the Edward Teach Blackbeard Pirate Cutlass is a stunning replica sword inspired by the weaponry of legendary swashbucklers. This decorative pirate cutlass includes a matching scabbard. The frightfully curved steel blade is complemented by its cast metal D-guard hilt, a style used to protect the hand from enemy blows. Though this blade appears quite fearsome, it is purely decorative and makes a striking display piece in any home. The matching scabbard features cast metal embellishments at both ends of its brown faux leather body. A nautical steering wheel and skull decorates the chrome colored metallic detail at the top, and a compass rose symbol adorns the metallic tip. Attached to the guard is a cast metal skull fob for a final fun pirate-themed touch. Gift this stylish decorative pirate cutlass to your favorite swashbuckler fantastic, or add it to your own collection of historic-inspired blades.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully detailed decorative replica
  • Inspired by historic pirate weapons
  • Includes matching scabbard and cast metal skull fob
  • Cast metal details on brown leather texture scabbard
  • D-guard hilt style protects grip
  • Great for sword collectors and pirate fans alike


  • Steel blade and cast metal details


  • Length: 30 Inches
  • Weight: 3 Pounds


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