Edrahil Cape

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Ideal for both nobility and the common folk, the Edrahil Cape is a comfortable cotton cloak for all activities! Wear it while pillaging, plundering, traveling, shopping, or whatever other task catches your medieval fancy! This handmade cotton cloak possesses a distinctive hemline that narrows to tapers in the front and back, as well as a reinforced collar that features an angular cut. The cape is secured to the neck via ties, allowing you to wear it however you wish! Stitching around the hemline and neckline strengthens the fabric of the cape. This cape is available in multiple colors, allowing you to pair it with any outfit. Wear it while LARPing, at the Ren Faire, or as part of a cosplay and look like you belong in a world of medieval fantasy!

Please be aware that these items are handmade. Slight deviations in pattern, color, and shape may occur.

Key Features:

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Stitching around edges provides extra durability
  • Tied closure around the neck
  • Perfect for LARPing, costuming, and reenactments


  • Made from medium cotton
Overall Length
One Size55.5 inches


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