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The original of this Ecstasy Of St. Theresa Statue was crafted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, who was the leading sculptor of his day. It is considered to be a sculptural masterpiece, and now, it is a sculpture that you can comfortably enjoy in your own home. The statue was inspired by Teresa of Avila, who was said to have an encounter with a divine angel, which is depicted in this sculpture. The statue depicts Theresa, a nun, as she reclines on a rocky base, while an angelic figure hovers over her. One hand loosely holds onto the nuns robes, as if to keep her held up, while the other holds a golden lance. In the context of this story, the angel is supposed to have plunged the lance into Theresas chest repeatedly, filling her with not only pain, but also exquisite joy and love for God, as well. Unlike the original, which is made in marble, this recreation is crafted entirely in cold cast bronze, which is a form of cold cast resin that is mixed with powdered bronze to give the statue a finish more similar to that of cast bronze metal. It is also hand painted, which introduces color into the statues finish while also enhancing its detail. This impressive and iconic statue stands approximately 8.75 inches tall. The original is widely considered to be a masterpiece, as well as one of the sculptural masterpieces of the High Roman Baroque period, and now, it is a stunning decoration and centerpiece that you can own and enjoy in the comforts of your own home, just by acquiring this Ecstasy of St. Theresa Statue.

Key Features:

  • A Beautifully Hand Painted Statue
  • Depicts Berninis Famous Sculpture of the Same Name
  • Features an Impressive Level of Detail
  • Makes for a Stunning Decoration
  • A Great Home Decor Piece or Gift Idea


  • Made from Cold Cast Bronze


  • Height: 8.75 Inches


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