Duchess Gold Overbust Corset

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Ascend the ranks of the aristocracy with the refined look of the Duchess Gold Overbust Corset! This elegant steel-boned corset provides a slimming effect to your waistline while encasing your torso in pale gold satin. Wide shoulder straps offer additional support to the waist training corset, and padded hip panels increase the comfort of the design. The satin corset fastens in the front with busk clips and laces in the back with a modesty panel. Ideal for Neo-Victorian ensembles, this overbust corset also works well as a bridal corset with its sophisticated style. Choose a ruffled skirt or formal gown to wear with this gold corset to create many stunning outfits.

Key Features:

  • Made with steel bones
  • Features pale gold satin design
  • Closes with busk clips in the front
  • Laced in the back with a modesty panel
  • Stunning steampunk or bridal apparel


  • 22 Inch: Fits 24-25 Inch waist, 32 Inch bust, 35 Inch hips
  • 24 Inch: Fits 26-27 Inch waist, 34 Inch bust, 37 Inch hips
  • 26 Inch: Fits 28-29 Inch waist, 36 Inch bust, 39 Inch hips
  • 28 Inch: Fits 30-31 Inch waist, 38 Inch bust, 41 Inch hips
  • 30 Inch: Fits 32-33 Inch waist, 40 Inch bust, 43 Inch hips
  • 32 Inch: Fits 34-35 Inch waist, 42 Inch bust, 45 Inch hips
  • 34 Inch: Fits 36-37 Inch waist, 44 Inch bust, 47 Inch hips

Measurements are approximate.


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