Dragons Treasure Figure


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The prophecy tells that the one who finds the treasure of the dragon and takes its golden sword will be king, promising wealth and glory. The Dragons Treasure Figure displays a dragon skull biting a golden fantasy sword. A black serpent slithering out of the eye hisses warningly at anyone who dares come near. The path to the treasure is long, dangerous, and well-guarded. The cave where the dragon skull is hidden is said to be in the domain of a terrible beast, ensuring that the victor will be a knight who is both skilled and brave. Made from high quality plastics, this fantasy toy meets and exceeds safety standards for European and North American countries, among others. These gorgeous fantasy figures are designed to encourage creative and imaginative play.

Key Features:

  • Displays dragon skull with serpent and sword
  • Crafted from durable quality plastics
  • Made with a safe softener for a delightful feel
  • Features excellent detail and bright coloration
  • Makes a great toy or gift for kids age 3 and up


  • Length: 2.2 Inches
  • Width: 5.1 Inches
  • Height: 7.1 Inches


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