Dragonet Crystal Keeper Necklace

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Designed by fantasy artist Anne Stokes, this Dragonet Crystal Keeper Necklace is a stunningly beautiful accent that combines the iconic fantasy of dragons with traditional jewelry design to create a crystal dropper pendant for any to enjoy. Ornate and impressive in its detailing, this elegant little icon depicts a great dragon with its magnificent wings opened in all its legendary strength and glory, serving as a perfect guardian to the crystal that hangs beneath its talons. The crystal, made from fine cubic zirconia, is multi-faceted and angular, as well as possessed of a rich blood red color. The pendant itself is crafted entirely from fine pewter metal and plated in silver, to give it a fine polished metal gleam. The pendant includes a chain necklace for easy wearing, as well as a keepsake satin pouch for easy storing of the accessory. There is no denying that this Dragonet Crystal Keeper Necklace is a powerful accessory, one that carries with it stunning detail as well as a beautiful overall look that will leave onlookers stunned speechless when they see it.

Key Features:

  • A Beautiful and Artistic Accessory by Anne Stokes
  • Depicts A Dragon with its Great Wings Unfurled
  • Decorated with a Beautiful, Blood-Red Cubic Zirconia Crystal
  • Crafted Entirely from Fine Pewter and Plated in Silver
  • Comes with a Matching Chain Necklace and a Satin Pouch


  • Pendant Length: 2 Inches
  • Pendant Width: 1 Inch
  • Chain Length: 18 Inches


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