Dragon Sword Magnet Set

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Claim that barren metal territory. Possess decorative power over that desolate surface. Set up a guard to enforce your boundaries. The six daring pairs of the Dragon Sword Magnet Set will declare that honored space taken. Admire the unique character of each cold cast resin pair. Fire and earth dragons clash over a gothic skull sword. A serpentine dragon slithers around a sword and shield. Elemental twins coil around a golden weapon. Dark wings flair out as a set guards a divine sword. Black dragons lift a might sword apiece. A silver pair overtakes the castle towers. Let these mighty fantasy magnets uphold your territory with style and power.

Key Features:

  • 12 piece magnet set with mythical dragons
  • Crafted from cold cast resin and hand painted in detail
  • Unique dragon sword pairs in various colors
  • Decorative magnets combine powerful style and function
  • Position these guardians over metallic decorative space


  • Height: 2.5 Inches


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