Dragon Princess Long Sleeve T-Shirt



Not all dragon-slayers are brave knights or wandering warriors…just as they are not all men, either. This Dragon Princess Long Sleeve T-Shirt depicts one such she-warrior who takes the fight to a dragon, to bravely face down the scourge of her people. This princess is certainly not one that is need of rescuing, that much is certain. Instead, she is as much a warrior as she is a noble, and she looks quite confident as she prepares to fight the dragon. Lightly armored and brave, this beautiful maiden slowly reaches over her shoulder to draw her sword, while behind her, a fearsome looking red dragon crawls down off its perch atop a skull shaped cave to meet her challenge. The other side of this impressive shirt features a view of the dragon and its cave on approach, revealing that the cave lies at the end of a short wooden bridge. A fanged maw acts as the caves entrance, while a red dragon, perched atop the skull and snarling viciously, serves as the caves guardian. The sleeves are also decorated, featuring dark red bone designs that run across the sleeves length. The designs are printed in a black shirt using skin friendly dye, while the shirt itself is made from 100 percent high quality cotton fabric. It is rather comfortable to wear, and thanks to its long sleeves, it serves well in the winter, as protection from the cold. Do you dare enter the challenge the dragon and enter the skull cave? Luckily, you do not have to, as the Dragon Princess Long Sleeve T-Shirt shows a warrior who will do that for you, and in doing so, make you the envy of your circle, thanks to your great fantasy style.

Key Features:

  • Made from Quality Materials
  • Decorated with an Impressive Gothic Design
  • A Stylish and Unique Garment
  • A Great Garment for Casual Wear
  • Available in Several Sizes
  • Perfect for Personal Wear or Gifting


  • Medium: Fits a 38-40 Inch Chest, Has a 29 Inch Length
  • Large: Fits a 42-44 Inch Chest, Has a 30 Inch Length
  • X-Large: Fits a 46-48 Inch Chest, Has a 31 Inch Length
  • XX-Large: Fits a 50-52 Inch Chest, Has a 32 Inch Length


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