Downstroke Samurai Statue


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The samurai was the fierce warrior that came out of medieval Japan. With their famous katana and bushido code, warriors like the one seen in the Downstroke Samurai Statue became symbols of honor and skilled combat around the world! The figure seen in this cold cast bronze statue is that of a Japanese man who stands in a battle-ready pose, having just completed a downstroke with his katana. The warrior has his hair done up in a topknot and wears a purple shirt that has been decorated with leaves and striped blue pants. The scabbard for the katana is tucked into a yellow sash belt that the samurai wears around his waist. Perfect for any collection and home decors that possess an oriental theme, this statue will bring an epic touch of Japan to any room you put it in!

Key Features:

  • Displays a polished bronze finish
  • Sports an amazing level of fine detail
  • Hand painted to add color
  • An excellent piece of oriental home decor


  • Made from cold cast bronze


  • Height: 8.5 Inches


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