Double Headed Viking Axe


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With the Double Headed Viking Axe, you can bring the power and might of the medieval age into your armory.

A Warrior’s Quality

This magnificent weapon stands out as a tool and a tribute to the bravery and martial traditions of the Vikings. This double-edged axe is designed for power and versatility, balanced between offensive and defensive capabilities. In addition, its double-headed design makes it a unique and striking addition to your arsenal, sure to turn heads and strike awe in your travels.

Next, the handle, crafted from acacia wood, is wrapped in genuine leather cord to bring out this steel battle axe’s brutal charm. Not to mention, the long rectangular pattern of this acacia wood handle strengthens and secures your grip.

Furthermore, the leather cord not only provide a secure grasp but also add depth and texture to the design. Not to mention, the leather cords for X patterns all the way down the handle for added medieval flair. In addition, measuring almost three feet in overall length, this Viking battle axe commands attention and a respectful presence on the battlefield. The axe head, forged from tough carbon steel, promises durability in all your decisive battles.

To clarify, this steel great axe is intended for SCA or heavy medieval combat, but it should be treated with utmost respect and care due to its capabilities. Moreover, a steel band and rivets securely fasten the axe head to the handle, ensuring durability and consistent strength. Its double-headed shape is not only distinct, it is fastened to the haft with steel langets to guarantee strength and durability. Furthermore, this axe head can be sharpened to your specifications.

Finally, capture the essence of the medieval era with this barbarian steel axe, embodying the Viking warrior or the Royal Executioner for SCA or heavy medieval combat.

A Tribute to Bravery and Warrior Tradition

Whether you’re cosplaying as a mighty barbarian, a grim executioner, or medieval man-at-arms, this steel medieval axe is ideal for bringing your character concepts to life. Elevate your reenactment experience or enhance your medieval collection with this steel double-edged axe.

Not to mention, this steel Viking axe is ideal for SCA combat or heavy medieval combat, dulled for safety and for use in battle. Moreover, to ensure the safety of you and your opponents, we have not sharpened this weapon. However, use it with extreme caution and responsibility.

Not only is this double-headed Viking axe a functional weapon, it’s a piece of history. Its balanced weight, substantial size, and authentic design give your favorite weapons collection an unmatched Viking presence.

Furthermore, bring the spirit of medieval warfare into your abode by hanging it on a wall, resting it on a stand, or adorning your private space. Whether leading a charge or celebrating victory, this steel double-bladed axe stands as a faithful companion to capture the essence of combat.

Key Features:

  • Double-Edged Axe Head: With an impressive double-edged design, this axe gives you a distinct tactical advantage and looks great in your collection.
  • Leather-Wrapped Handle: Genuine leather cords around the rectangular handle provides you with a firm and effective grip.
  • Imposing Size and Build: Nearly three feet in length, this axe commands attention as a battlefield implement and medieval collectible.
  • Ready for Battle: Tailored for reenactors and SCA fighters, this steel Viking axe enhances your steel combat experiences.
  • Classic Medieval Aesthetic: This Viking war axe is a monument to the raw strength of Norse warriors of history.


  • Axe head made of carbon steel
  • Handle made of acacia wood
  • Wrappings made of genuine leather cords


  • Overall Length: 35.8 Inches
  • Axe Head Width: 13 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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