Double Edge Damascus Dagger


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A dagger can be both a great weapon and an impressive accessory for any warrior. Our Double Edge Damascus Dagger includes a brown leather sheath which makes it easy to transport and access. It features a simple guard and pommel making it a perfectly versatile weapon to pair with any outfit. This knife features a black leather wrapped handle. The craftsmanship here is remarkable, as the blade has been folded several times to create 250 layers in the metal, giving it a distinctive Damascus pattern. Few daggers compare to a blade this ornate. The distinctive design of this dagger makes it a great side-arm for any weapon enthusiasts in the market for an eye-catching blade.

Key Features:

  • Folded steel has 250 layers
  • Features a black leather wrapped handle
  • Has a steel guard and pommel
  • Includes a brown leather sheath
  • A unique blade for weapons enthusiasts


  • Made from Damascus steel


  • Overall Length: 13 Inches


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