Double Dragon Cross Necklace


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This Double Dragon Cross Necklace is the perfect fusion of iconic medieval fantasy and new-age jewelry design. It makes a great addition to any guy or girls casual attire, perfect for showing off some fantasy style with ease. This necklace is one part Celtic cross for every two parts dragon, depicted as a classic Celtic cross entwined with a pair of wicked-looking dragons. Each arm of the Celtic cross is decorated with a stretched out triquetra knot, while the dragons bodies are decorated with more intricate knot designs while they twist in and out of the Celtic cross openings. Their heads flank to the top of the cross, while their tails form their own little knots near the bottom and are further accented via a pair of amber-colored gemstone accents. The necklace comes complete with a chain for easy wearing, while the pendant is made from lead free pewter metal, which ensures a silver-metal gleam and a safe, non-toxic product. For the fantasy enthusiast who never gets tired of showing off their love of dragons, this Double Dragon Cross Necklace is a great accessory that they can wear any day of the week, just to add that little extra oomph to their ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a Celtic cross wrapped by two serpentine dragons
  • Decorated with a pair of amber gem accents
  • Includes a silver metal chain for easy wearing
  • A great personal accent or gift idea
  • Fantastic for casual wear and use


  • Made of lead free pewter


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