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The best way to store a sword is a way that lets you unsheathe and swing it at the same time. The Doran Back Harness allows you to do just that, ensuring that you will be prepared to fight even in the event of an ambush. This leather back harness, which comes in black or brown, consists of a support plate for sword sheaths or arrow quivers. It fits on the body by way of four leather straps that are connected to a ring on the chest. The harness can be worn and removed via a series of roll buckles, which also lend the harness a degree of adjustability. The back plate has a three-point suspension system and just enough room for two sheaths, which can be further secured by an adjustable strap at the base of the plate. As if that is not enough, the shoulder straps of this harness also have loops that allow for the attachment of pauldrons. Whether you are a LARPer, a reenactor, a hunter, or just an adventurer, the Doran Back Harness is exactly what you need to carry your swords, arrows, or other tactical equipment.

Please be aware that the sword sheaths displayed in the image do not come with the back harness, allowing you to customize your look.

Key Features:

  • Roll buckles allow for adjustable fit
  • Can hold up to two sheaths and quivers
  • Three-point suspension system safely secures items
  • Shoulder loops promote the wearing of pauldrons
  • Comes in black or brown
  • One size fits all
  • Perfect for carrying weapons or tactical equipment


  • Made from split leather


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