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You can transform into the quite the devil when you wear the Devil Foam Prosthetic. Applied directly to your face, this prosthetic moves when you do, creating an illusion so others will wonder if you really are a devil. This prosthetic is made entirely from foam latex and is designed to be applied to the face with spirit gum. The prosthetic comes unpainted, which allows the wearer to color and style it to their personal preference, creating whatever type of devil they wish. Once worn, this prosthetic creates an impressive and devilish appearance, complete with sunken eyes, a wrinkled brow, and a decidedly inhuman expression. Please note that this foam latex appliance does not come with spirit gum, paint, or makeup, although spirit gum and makeup are available for purchase separately on this site. The ears are also not included. There is no doubt about it – when you wear this Devil Foam Prosthetic, you will have people fleeing the moment they spot you, if only because they never expected to see a devil walking among them.


  • Remove excess flashing from around edges of prosthetic, if necessary
  • Check prosthetic against wearers face, ensuring eyes and mouth line up
  • If not, trim within at least 0.25 inch beyond the eye or mouth
  • Adhere the prosthetic with spirit gum
  • It is helpful to adhere one area at the time, in the following order. Nose, around the eyes, forehead, temples, upper lip, lower chip and chin, cheek area, and finally the jawline.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely of Foam Latex
  • Comes Unpainted
  • Moves and Shifts As Your Face Does
  • Allows for the Creation of Impressive Devil and Demon Faces
  • Looks Great with Demonic, Infernal, or Evil Costumes
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Parties, Stage Performances, and More


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