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This Deputy US Marshal Badge would have been a powerful symbol in the days of the Old West. Every town had its lawmen, but these badges were worn by those who served the United States government, doling out law and justice whenever they could. In fact, in the days of the Wild West, many US Marshals became heroes, fighting for law and order in territories that were considered lawless. This badge has a distinctive shape that is perfect for marking this badge and its owner as different from typical lawmen, as it is closer to the shield worn by more modern-day officers then it is to the typical round or star badge of a western sheriff. The top of the badge is engraved to read Deputy, while the bottom reads Marshal. Set in the center of the badge is a star with decorative cut-outs, with US engraved in its center. The badge is crafted from metal and feature a stunning antique silver finish, which completes its look nicely, while also featuring a pin on the back that makes the badge easy to wear. It has an overall diameter of 2.5 inches. This Deputy US Marshal Badge is a great piece of Western memorabilia, as well as a great collectible and a fine costume piece to include with your tried and true western look. Just do not expect it to earn you any friends in the community, especially if it is in one of the lawless territories.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After a Traditional Western Badge
  • Features Great Antique Silver Finish
  • Pin Back Makes This Badge Easy to Wear
  • A Great Collectible or Gift Idea


  • Made from a zinc alloy


  • Length: 2.5 Inches


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