Deluxe Buccaneer Boots


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With their worn look, these Deluxe Buccaneer Boots will certainly make you seem like an experienced sailor who has been around more than a few pirate ships. In addition to their worn look, they also feature incredible pirate decorations on their surface. These boots are made from a distressed material that gives them an aged look, like many leather pirate boots would have featured during the golden age of pirates. The boots are typically about knee-high, measuring approximately 18 inches tall. They feature a decorative skull and crossed swords design on the cuff, as well as jagged silver curls along the front of the boot. These boots are sized to fit most adults. With a rustic look that looks perfectly at home on a pirate ship, these Deluxe Buccaneer Boots are just the footwear to adorn yourself with whenever you want to leave land far behind and experience adventure on the high seas.

Key Features:

  • Pirate Styled Costume Boots
  • Exceptional Distressed, Aged Look
  • Features Printed Silver Skull and Crossed Swords Designs
  • Helps Confer an Experienced and Seasoned Look
  • Looks Great on Pirate, Swashbuckler, and Buccaneer Costumes of All Sorts
  • Fantastic For Pirate Gatherings, Halloween, Costumed Events, and More


  • Materials are unavailable at this time.


  • Height: 18 Inches


  • One Size Fits Most Adults


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