Decorative Pirate Captain’s Hat


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Naturally, the pirate captain would look the best among his crew, thanks to a higher position and a larger share of the plunder. And this Decorative Pirate Captains Hat makes it easy to identify yourself as a captain of quality, style, and skill. This pirate hat is a classic pirates tricorn hat, although it is a bit shorter in height than is typical of a classic pirate tricorn. The hat has an upturned brim to create a typical tricorn shape, as well as a round, shallow crown at the center of the hat. The brim features an elegant white feathered adornment along the edges, as well as a gold trim and a braided gold decoration along the interior of the brim. The hat itself is made from black fabric. This Decorative Pirate Captains Hat is a great choice for any pirate captain to wear when he or she is looking to create a bit more of an impressive image, as well as a fantastic hat for any pirate to pick up when they want to show off a bit of their own personal wealth.

Key Features:

  • A Relatively Simple Yet Classic Pirate Hat
  • Decorated in Gold Braiding and White Feathery Adornments
  • A Classic Tricorn Shape with Gold Trim
  • Looks Great on All Manner of Pirate Costumes and Ensembles
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Renaissance Fairs, Stage Productions, Pirate Gatherings and More


  • Made from Hardened Black Fabric
  • Accented with Faux Feathers


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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