Decorative Dragon Sword Stand


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This stunning sword stand was designed to complement the appearance of the Battle Sword of the Han Dynasty, although the Decorative Dragon Sword Stand looks just as wonderful when used to display other traditional Chinese Swords as well. This sword stand is made entirely from beautiful, dark chestnut wood, having been carved into the traditional shape of a long, serpentine Chinese dragon. The dragon acts as the support for the sword, while standing on a base that keeps the dragon standing. Displayed in front of the dragon is a gold-metal plaque that features authentic Chinese characters. The stand measures approximately 15 inches in length and features hollow grooves along the dragons head and tail for supporting a swords scabbard at a slight angle. If you have recently acquired an authentic and traditional Chinese sword or the actual Battle Sword of the Han Dynasty and are looking for a good way to show it off, then look no further than this Decorative Dragon Sword Stand!

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely from Dark Chestnut Wood
  • Carved in a Traditional Han Dynasty Style
  • Depicts an Elegant and Serpentine Chinese Dragon
  • Features Chinese Characters on a Gold-Colored Plaque
  • Perfect for Displaying Traditional Chinese Swords


  • Length: 15 Inches


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