Dead Bishop Mask

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It would be a mistake to presume that zombies are cursed by some evil or deity, and that your devotion will protect you. As the Dead Bishop Mask shows, zombies can and will attack anyone and everyone, holy men included. This mask has a sickly and sallow skin tone that is as green as it is yellow. The top of the mask features a large bald spot ringed by stringy black hair that hangs down around the ears. A long gash runs across the bald spot and through the hair, down across the eye and along the chin. Another long cut appears on the right side, marring the cheek. The masks features are rotund and even portly, with one eye sunken and small while the other eye is bulging and hazy, as though damaged beyond use. The mouth is opened slightly, revealing a crimson tongue, while blood stains adorn the lips and chin. This mask is made from high-quality latex and is designed to cover the wearers face and head completely. The mask extends down to cover the neck and part of the collar. If you are looking for a great zombie mask that will turn you into a flesh-hungry ghoul, the Dead Bishop Mask is definitely the one for you!

Key Features:

  • Depicts a Zombie Monk
  • An Impressive Undead Appearance
  • Over-the-Head Design Conceals the Face and Neck
  • Fantastic For Zombie Walks, Outbreaks, and Undead Events


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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