250-Layer Sheepsfoot Cleaver


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The next time you plan to chop something up, make sure it is with our 250-Layer Sheepsfoot Cleaver. This knife is crafted from 250 layers of folded steel which offers a unique swirled look to the blade. The shape of the blade is a sheeps foot with a gentle curve, making it good for slicing, chopping, and cutting. The white handle provides a secure grip whenever you are wielding it. Included with this knife is a brown leather sheath for ease of access and transportation. Our Damascus steel blade is a must have for weapons enthusiasts and those looking to chop through things with style.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Folded steel has 250 layers
  • A sheeps foot blade with a gentle curve
  • Features a white curved handle
  • Includes a brown leather sheath
  • Unique cleaver to add to any knife collection


  • Made from Damascus steel


  • Overall Length: 10 Inches


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