Damascus Frontier Axe

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When you wander out into the wilderness, few weapons will serve you better in hunting or trail-clearing than a hatchet. The Damascus Frontier Axe makes a fantastic companion for any trek and is the perfect tool for survivalists. The bit of this Native American-themed hatchet is made from Damascus steel, giving it the classic water-ripple pattern while also granting it a degree of durability. The back of the axehead forms a spike, allowing this tool to be used in combat as well. Its haft is made from dark wood, and its base is ribbed, making gripping easy. The top and bottom of its handle are lined with brass studs, and it also features beaded leather straps for an authentic Native-American look. The axe comes with a sheath for secure storage, and the end of its haft has a lanyard for easy carrying or hanging. The Damascus Frontier Axe is a unique tool that is as handy as it is appealing.

Key Features:

  • Durable bit displays water-ripple pattern
  • Back of axe ends in a spike
  • Handle is ribbed for easy gripping
  • End of handle features a leather handle
  • Comes with a leather sheath


  • Head made from Damascus steel
  • Haft made from wood


  • Overall Length: 15.5 Inches


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