Dagger of Richard the Lionheart


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Noted for his bravery, and often for his cruelty as well, Richard the Lionheart is one of the most widely admired English monarchs. The Dagger of Richard the Lionheart commemorates this crusader in a beautiful and subtle way. This nickel blade, crafted to resemble daggers from the 12th Century, features an ornate hilt with a cross on its pommel and lions on its quillons. It can be safely stored within a scabbard with an opulent letter R at the center of its locket and a lavish L on its chape. With a blade that cannot be sharpened, the Dagger of Richard the Lionheart makes great home decor and is perfect for cosplay use.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a dagger similar to that carried by Richard the Lionheart
  • Hilt is beautifully crafted in great detail
  • Scabbard features ornate medieval engravings
  • Perfect as home decor or a cosplay accessory


  • Crafted from nickel


  • Length: 17.72 Inches


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