Cursed Knight Mask


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The noble knight of legend is nowhere to be seen in the design of this mask. Instead, the Cursed Knight Mask creates a different look, one suited to horror, revealing a human knight whose life has been destroyed by the curse of undeath. The mask is made of high-quality latex, with a design that mimics once-human features. The skin, though, is pale and deathly, while the area around the mouth and eyes is rotted and bloody. The final effect comes from the bulging eyes, set just beneath a dented and spiked skull-cap. Designed to cover the whole face and neck, this mask has hidden eye-slits so the wearer can see. As a full disguise, this Cursed Knight Mask will make you look like something of a medieval zombie, one whose fury and hunger know little of classic knightly virtue.

Key Features:

  • Horror mask depicts a gory zombie knight
  • Has an undead look with bulging eyes and bloody detail
  • Overhead design covers the head and neck
  • Hidden eye-slits provide vision
  • Perfect mask for a totally unique monster look


  • Made from high-quality latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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