Crusader Cross Sword with Scabbard


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A typical crusader sword was usually an arming sword or a longsword, depending on the era and the crusader. This Crusader Cross Sword with Scabbard is a fantastic looking and battle ready arming sword that features impressive crusades-era style. This sword features an unsharpened carbon steel blade with a wide central fuller, which helps to reduce the blades weight without reducing its strength. The blade is relatively straight-edged, while possessing a tapered point designed for effective stabbing and thrusting. The swords guard is a simple cross-bar cast from solid brass, while the octagonal pommel echoes the brass construction while featuring an impressive little enameled cross inset. The grip is wrapped with red leather for comfort and looks. Included with the sword is a matching wood scabbard, which is also wrapped in red leather, and features a rounded brass chape. The scabbard includes a white leather sword belt with a brass buckle closure, as well as brass stiffeners. This sword measures approximately 38 inches long. This sword is considered battle ready, although its weight and stiffness make it more appropriate for re-enactments, training, and display. With this Crusader Cross Sword with Scabbard, you have everything you need to belt this sword to your side and start off a great crusades-era look. The sword is also striking enough in appearance to be a stunning decor item and centerpiece for any enthusiasts collection.

Key Features:

  • A Crusades Era Arming Sword
  • Features a Straight-Edged Blade with a Wide Fuller
  • Pommel and Guard are Polished Brass
  • Includes a Matched Scabbard and Sword Belt
  • Battle-Ready
  • An Excellent Costume Sword, Training Weapon, or Display Piece


  • Overall Length: 38 Inches
  • Blade Length: 33 Inches


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