Crow Cranium Crosier

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The crow has always been an omen of grievous things to come. When even the harbinger of death meets its fate, the world has taken a dark turn. Now you can possess the power these creatures have over life with the Crow Cranium Crosier! This high-quality plastic staff is a fantastic accessory that will turn your common death costume into the true Harbinger of Death. A crow skull sits atop a cadaverously detailed handle that makes for easy handling. No matter how often you intend to revisit and repurpose the power it holds, theatre productions and Halloween parties are an excellent way to introduce the Crow Cranium Crosier into your everyday life!

Key Features:

  • Stunning skeletal bird details
  • Comfortable, easy-to-grip handle
  • Excellent skull costume accessory
  • Ideal for Halloween, theatre, and more


  • Crosier is crafted from high-quality plastic


  • Height: 35 Inches


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