Crecy Heavy Warbow Arrows – 2nd Quality – Set of 3



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Please note that this is a second quality item. The fletching on each arrow is damaged and would have to be replaced or repaired before use.

These are the sort of arrows that a heavy warbow was meant to fire! Bigger than your average arrow, these Crecy Heavy Warbow Arrows offer a thicker shaft that is designed to withstand the greater draw of an average siege or war bow. These arrows all feature a half-inch poplar shaft with a pale, natural finish. Accenting the finish is the fletching, which runs from grey to white to natural in color. Each arrow also has a reinforced self-nock and a heavy bodkin style point that really looks like it could do some damage. These arrows are made for heavy warbows and are spined in 10 pound groupings starting at 70 pounds. It may look big, but looks can be deceiving. Draw back one of these Crecy Heavy Warbow Arrows, and once you release it, you will see that these big arrows can really fly.

These arrows were designed for use with heavy warbows and siege bows ONLY.

Key Features:

  • Sold in a set of 3 arrows
  • Each set is hand-spined to 10 pound groupings
  • Has a reinforced self-nock
  • Tipped with heavy medieval bodkin points
  • Great for target shooting, competition, hunting, and practice


  • Crafted from poplar wood

How to Order:

Order arrows to match the draw length and draw weight of your bow. These arrows are all 33 inches in length, and so should be fired only from bows that have a 33 inch draw length or shorter. They are available in many different draw weights, which you should match as closely as possible to your warbow.


  • Arrow Length: 33 Inches
  • Set Weight: 1.35 Pounds (Set of Three)


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