Cream Brocade Overbust Corset



Add elegance to any outfit with this sophisticated ladies sweetheart corset. The Cream Brocade Overbust Corset shows off a subtle vintage pattern on its fabric, providing incredible style to your favorite ensembles. The brocade corset can be worn on its own or overtop a blouse or dress, giving you lots of wearing options. The design goes well with gothic, steampunk, or even bridal apparel. A series of brass C-lock clasps fasten the front of the steel-boned corset, while the back laces over a modesty panel. The lacing allows you to adjust the fit of the elegant brocade sweetheart cincher for comfort. Whenever you want your appearance to feature impressive curves, this overbust corset is the perfect solution!

Key Features:

  • Made from brocade
  • Features vintage pattern and steel bones
  • Has C-lock clasps in front
  • Fastens with laces and modesty panel in back
  • Excellent steampunk, gothic, or bridal apparel


  • 20 Inch: Fits 22-23 Inch waist, 30 Inch bust, 33 Inch hips
  • 22 Inch: Fits 24-25 Inch waist, 32 Inch bust, 35 Inch hips
  • 24 Inch: Fits 26-27 Inch waist, 34 Inch bust, 37 Inch hips
  • 26 Inch: Fits 28-29 Inch waist, 36 Inch bust, 39 Inch hips
  • 28 Inch: Fits 30-31 Inch waist, 38 Inch bust, 41 Inch hips
  • 30 Inch: Fits 32-33 Inch waist, 40 Inch bust, 43 Inch hips
  • 32 Inch: Fits 34-35 Inch waist, 42 Inch bust, 45 Inch hips
  • 34 Inch: Fits 36-37 Inch waist, 44 Inch bust, 47 Inch hips
  • 36 Inch: Fits 38-39 Inch waist, 46 Inch bust, 49 Inch hips

Measurements are approximate.


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