Comte de Nieuwekerke Arming Sword


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If you wish to fight in late medieval style, you should have a matching blade on hand like the Comte de Nieuwekerke Arming Sword. Made from EN45 high-carbon steel, this functional sword features a design based on an original from the late 14th century. The original is an example of an Oakeshott type XV sword, a style common during the Hundred Years War with both the French and English.

To begin with, this sword features a sharply tapered, double-edged blade with unsharpened edges. Furthermore, it has a diamond cross-section, which allows for thrusting. Its tapered shape shifts the balance towards the base for agile maneuvering. The sword continues with a curved crossguard. This steel guard curves towards the blade.

Then, the hilt has a leather-wrapped grip. There are four ridges on the wooden grip for a more secure grasp. The hilt ends with a disk-shaped steel pommel. The peened pommel secures the full-tang blade to the hilt.

Finally, this sword comes with a wooden scabbard. Brown vegetable-tanned leather covers the scabbard. This medieval sword is ideal for wielding at a historical reenactment. It also makes a great addition to a weaponry collection.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Based on late 14th century original
  • Has a tapered, double-edged blade
  • Ridged handle for better grip
  • Ideal for reenactments


  • Made from EN45 high-carbon steel
  • Pommel and guard are steel
  • Grip and scabbard are leather-wrapped wood
Overall LengthBlade LengthGrip LengthBlade WidthBlade ThicknessPoint of BalanceWeight
One Size36.6 inches29.6 inches4 inches2.2 inches0.12-0.16 inch3.2 inches2 pounds 7 ounces


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