Complete Gothic Armour Package

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Gothic Cuirass with Tassets


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Gothic Gorget with Pauldrons


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Gothic Arm Armour


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Gothic Leg Armour


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Gothic Sallet Helmet - Steel Finish

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Representing the absolute pinnacle of personal protection technology in the High Middle Ages, plate armor would turn a simple sellsword into a mobile engine of death on the battlefield. Gothic armor, developed in the 15th century, was even more prized because of the exquisite craftsmanship that went into the flourishes and embellishments on the armor that made it both more functional and attractive. Our Complete Gothic Armor Package lets you tap into your inner knight errant in substance and style, thanks to its polished 19 gauge mild steel construction.

This armor set has it all: a breastplate with integrated tassets and connecting backplate, a gorget and shoulder pauldrons, vambraces with couters at each elbow, and greaves with poleyns at the knee. Leather straps and buckles complete the ensemble. Bring your own gauntlets, sabatons, and helm — and your sense of knightly adventure — and you’ll be ready to joust with the best of them! Size is Medium/Large. Straps allow for some adjustment. Your friendly neighborhood armorsmith recommends you factor in the bulk of a gambeson or interior padding before placing your order.

Please note that the armor is pictured here with a gambeson underneath, which is optional. The Gothic Sallet Helmet is another optional addition.

Key Features:

  • Has a Brilliant, Polished Steel Finish
  • Traditional Gothic Armour
  • Worn Using the Included Straps and Buckles
  • Includes the Breastplate with Tassets, Back Plate, Leg Armour, Arm Armour, Gorget, and Pauldrons


  • Crafted from 19 gauge mild steel
  • Fittings made from top-grain leather


  • Breastplate with Tasset: 32 Inches long by 18 Inches wide
  • Back Plate: 23 Inches long by 18 Inches wide
  • Arm Armour: Forearm Width – 6.5 Inches, Upper Arm Width – 13 Inches, Overall Length – 17 Inches
  • Leg Armour: Upper Leg Length – 8.25 Inches, Upper Leg Width – 11 Inches, Lower Leg Length – 12 Inches, Lower Leg Width – 9.5 Inches
  • Gorget: Width – Approx. 6 Inches, Depth – Approx. 9 Inches

These measurements are for the armour only, and do not include the length of the leather straps and buckles. Please keep in mind that if you are planning on wearing a gambeson, heavily padded shirt, or anything with possible added bulk under your armour, you should take your measurements while wearing the garments and order with that number in mind for your armour.


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