Comb Morion – Steel

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Originally hailing from the mid-16th century, the morion was a helmet that became fairly common, thanks to its efficient protection. This Comb Morion – Steel recreates the form of this age-old helm, as well as its protective strength. The morion is a rather famous helmet design, as it has been widely depicted by film and fiction, and is often associated with Spanish explorers. Made entirely from 18-gauge mild steel, the helm possesses a polished finish, giving it a reflective gleam. The rounded top and brim protects the head and shields the face from downward blows. The interior of the helmet features a leather liner, while a pair of cheek protectors drapes from the sides. Leather straps secure the helmet at the chin. If you want to emulate the look of a conquistador, the Comb Marion – Steel helmet is definitely the way to go.

Key Features

  • Handmade and skillfully welded for increased durability
  • Designed with rolled edges for improved safety
  • Features a rounded crown, metal brim, and cheek protectors
  • Possesses a polished steel finish
  • Great for historic reenactment events and LARP use


  • Made from 18 gauge mild steel
  • Fittings made from top-grain leather

Care Instructions:

  • To properly maintain your steel armour, always keep the metal pieces away from water and lightly oiled to prevent rusting. Occasionally clean the armour with metal polish and re-oil them. Leather care products must be used to maintain the leather fittings as well.
Head CircumferenceOverall HeightWeight
Medium23 inches7.5 inches3.75 lbs
Large25 inches8.3 inches3.75 lbs

2 reviews for Comb Morion – Steel

  1. dylan.nelson206 (verified owner)

    This helmet is so sturdy that I took a larp mace to the head a couple times and I hardly felt it. It did make a hilarious “ding” noise though. A large was also big enough for my head and I wear a 7 & 3/4 size baseball hat. The helmet is also very comfy and you can adjust the interior liner so the leather web sits on your head instead of the metal interior of the helmet.

  2. dylan.nelson206 (verified owner)

    I wanted to add to my previous review with some helmet-care advice.

    You can absolutely use this in the rain as long as you just dry it off with a towel sometime at the end of the day. The helmet actually does a really good job at protecting from the rain. Little rust spots will occur after using it in the rain, but don’t fear, it is easy to fix. If you put some WD-40 on the rust spots and scrub them with a Brillo pad, the rust will come right out. ONLY scrub the rust spots as the Brillo pad can leave little scratches in your helmet. which you can polish away later if you want. Then, oddly enough, use regular firearm lubricant/oil or the armor oil sold on this site to literally oil down your helmet like it is a cast iron pan. Leave it a little greasy and store it between events. The gun oil will soak into the metal and the coating will protect your helmet in the off season.

    When you’re ready to rock the helmet again, wipe off the remaining grease with a towel and take to the battlefield. Absolutely love this helmet.

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