Colonial Hoop Skirt

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Add an extra bit of oomph to your full length skirt with the Colonial Hoop Skirt. This basic white hoop skirt is ideal for wearing underneath clothing to achieve the iconic volume and shape of many stylish historic and fantasy looks. Made from a light weight material, this hoop skirt features four removable rings that increase in diameter as they approach the ground. The top section is slightly fitted, making it easy to wear under a wide selection of skirt and dress types, though it especially suits clothing where the lower half features a voluminous amount of fabric wide enough to cover the hoops. An easy way to obtain an authentic-looking silhouette inspired by times gone by, the Colonial Hoop Skirt is a must-have when it comes period fashion.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for adding volume and shape to long skirts
  • Historic-inspired construction
  • Includes four removable rings
  • Intended for wear underneath full dresses and skirts
  • Basic white color suits a variety of styles
  • Essential for period looks


  • Made from polyester


  • Waist: Up to 39 Inches
  • Bottom Circumference: 117 Inches (9.8 Feet)


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