Cold Steel Mens Black Hoodie

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The Cold Steel Mens Black Hoodie gives you a more modern look at a Death that has updated his style a bit. The black cloak and cowl are traded in for leathers and biker gear, while the scythe has been switched out for a pair of powerful pistols. More than likely, this is a reaper that you do not want to meet, as it looks to be the type who shoots first and asked questions later, if any at all. The front of this hoodie features a smaller design that depicts this dark skeletal figure, backlit by a dull orange glow, as it stands solemn and tall, stringy black hair hanging across the skull while it holds its pistols crossed over its chest. The sleeves feature bullet hole designs across their length, while tendrils of smoke pour out of the entry wounds, making them look quite fresh. The back of the hoodie shows this reaper really doing his thing, as he takes a stance that puts both pistols forward and ready to fire. From this angle, more of the skeletal reaper can be seen, including his attire, which consists of gothic black leathers fit for a biker, as well as a belt adorned with gun and grenade accents. Behind the reaper stand the remnants of society, including bridges and buildings that look to be all but destroyed. The final touch comes from the guns themselves, which have engraved slides that read simply Bad Ass. The hoodie is made from high quality cotton fabric that is heavy enough to provide warmth in the cold seasons, while still being exceptionally comfortable to wear. The hood is adjustable via drawstrings, and the hoodie itself is available in four sizes. Gothic gunslingers will surely find themselves drawn to this wicked garment, as will any other who loves the chaotic, intimidating, and totally awesome design of this Cold Steel Mens Black Hoodie.

Key Features:

  • Made from Quality Materials
  • Decorated with an Impressive Gothic Design
  • A Stylish and Unique Garment
  • A Great Garment for Casual Wear
  • Available in Several Sizes
  • Perfect for Personal Wear or Gifting


  • Medium: Fits a 38-40 Inch Chest, Has a 28 Inch Length
  • Large: Fits a 42-44 Inch Chest, Has a 29 Inch Length
  • X-Large: Fits a 46-48 Inch Chest, Has a 30 Inch Length
  • XX-Large: Fits a 50-52 Inch Chest, Has a 30 Inch Length


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