Coiled Dragon Dagger


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Of all the various design styles for blades, dragon-themed weapons look the most vicious. The Coiled Dragon Dagger looks absolutely lethal, with its serpentine dragon decoration and engraving and its eternally bloodied blade. The hilt of this wicked looking dagger takes the image of a coiled, winged serpent. The handle section of the hilt is purple colored and bears a scaled pattern, while the hilt is shaped like the coiled front portion of the dragon and the pommel is shaped like the coiled tail. The blade of the dagger is thin and curved, with a decorative cut design along the edge and spine. The face of the blade has been engraved with the image of a coiled serpent, and holes have been cut from the blade to emphasize the coils of the dragon. Red enamel has been applied to the blade to make it appear as though it has been bloodied. This decorative dagger comes with a wooden display stand, making it an ideal decoration for any room of a dragon or blade lovers home! Give it as a special gift to a friend or loved one and make their day!

When unboxing this weapon, be sure to check the packaging material for all pieces. The included display stand may be underneath the cardboard packaging material.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a coiled, winged serpent on the hilt and blade
  • Blade displays a bloodied appearance
  • Comes with wooden display stand
  • Ideal for dragon and blade lovers of all kinds


  • Made from stainless-steel
  • Base made from wood


  • Length: 10 Inches


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